Week 5

Week 5 (07/16/2016)

I entered the facility to find Joan and Robert sitting on sofas and watching news on Donald Trump. Joan enthusiastically said that she “would love to do origami” and Robert reluctantly joined. We sat at a round table and thought about what to make. Fortunately, I had prepared more cat diagrams for Joan the night before. Robert, however, looked through every diagram in my binder and origami books until he found the skeletal octahedron, a module with six pieces. Joan and I started on the cat, which turned out to be a challenge for her and myself. Also, I had trouble giving each person equal attention as they both constantly needed assistance. Joan has greatly improved in her origami skills and can easily follow my folds. Robert, on the other hand, has improved his folding accuracy but could improve in visually observing. Both Joan and Robert finished their origami and had looks of satisfaction.

After packing up, Joan took me to her room once more (I think she forgot that she already showed me her room) and showed me her TY collection. I had another tour of her beautiful room. Also, I found out that her son lives in Allen as well but they do not live together because they “disagree” on Joan having cats. Either way, Joan’s bright attitude once again illuminated my day and made me enthusiastic for my next visit.


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