Week 2

Week 2 (06/16/2016)

Today’s lesson was a group lesson. I worked with three people at the same time: Thelma, Robert, and Joan aka cat lady (not to be rude but she actually called herself the cat lady). As we settled down on one round table, I introduced origami to Cat Lady and presented various diagrams to everyone. Robert decided to make the eight-piece star figure, which I knew he would love.  On the other hand, Thelma decided to make a lotus flower, while Cat Lady decided to make a cat. As this was my first group session, it was difficult for me to keep track of everyone’s progress and multitask.

The first to finish was Cat Lady, because she had a bingo game to attend to. After drawing a face on her cat, she left to hang the newly made origami on her fridge. Thelma finished next, which was surprising considering the difficulty of the lotus flower. She then decided to make a sea and yacht display. At the same time, Robert patiently created eight pieces for his star and began to glue. Both origamis were amazing and I was surprised by the growing potential of Thelma and Robert. Next time, I definitely need to print more difficult diagrams.



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