Week 14

I definitely skipped a few weeks and didn’t write about others since I have been on vacation. Today was my last visit to the Heritage center before I leave for college. When I entered the facility, I saw Joan walking down the hallway and I asked her if she wanted to do origami. As always, she enthusiastically nodded.

“Let me get my walker from my room and I’ll be right there!”

I waited at our usual spot and set up the origami and diagrams. After about twenty minutes, I wondered if Joan completely forgot about me. Then, I saw her coming through the hallway again and she sat on the couch in front of the TV. She did forget about me.

I walked over to her and motioned towards the table I had put my origami on. Her eyes lit up and she walked with me to the table. As always, we made an origami cat. I noticed that this was the quickest she has made the origami cat granted that we made it at least ten times.

After we made the cat, I told her that I was going to college and that this was my last visit. She recollected herself going to college in 1957 (I hope that’s the right number. I know Joan’s turning 80 on March 3rd so I can do the math later). We said a final goodbye and I left the facility.

As a final thought, I’d like to teach origami at Rice, too. Maybe to children as well.


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