Week 3

Week 3 (06/23/2016)

Today was a busy day for the Heritage facility as I was only able to work with Joan (Cat Lady). I met a sparkling blue-eyed patient named Beverly who displayed her art exhibits four times each year. I thought she would be interested in origami due to her passion for art. Unfortunately, she told me that she will never bring herself to like origami. As disheartening as that was, I was still glad that Joan found joy in origami. As a result, I worked one on one with Joan. She wanted to make another cat but I did not have a diagram for a more complicated cat; therefore, we made a jumping frog. I was surprised by the way Joan improved her origami skills: she could now make precise folds quickly and had no trouble at all making the complex jumping frog. In addition to that, she had a smile on her face the entire time. Once we finished the jumping frog, Joan departed to go to her bingo game at a senior recreation center.



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