Escape Room Tally

Escape Room Tally (36)

Dallas: (25)

Escape Experts: Secret Vault, Attic Society 1, Attic Society 2, Chase Case, Dead End, Holding Cell

Perfect Escape: O’Bannion’s Safe, The Pharaoh’s Tomb, Wong’s Chinese

Escape Game: Playground, Heist, Gold Rush, Prison Cell

Breakout Games (Plano): Casino, Kidnapping, Hostage, Runaway Train

Breakout Games (Dallas): Island Escape, Mystery Mansion, Do Not Disturb

Red Door Escape: The Gift

PanIQ Room: Wild West

Escape the Room Dallas: The Dig, Western Bank Heist, The Agency

Houston: (6)

Cipher Escape: Captive

QuestShark: Crazy Artist’s Workshop

Escape the Room Midtown: Jurassic Escape, The Theater

Escape Hunt: Murder in Marylebone, Theft of the Texas Lone Star

Chicago: (1)

Fox in a Box: The Bank

Nagoya: (3)

なぞともカフェ: 2 rooms (forgot name)

SCRAP Nagoya: 1 player room

Tokyo: (1)

SCRAP Tokyo: Red Room

Ones I made: (Don’t count)

Rice Mold Room

Ericsson Avengers Room

Rice Steam Tunnels

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