Making a Guitar Shelf Part 1: Setting Up

Disclaimer: I am not even close to a professional woodcutting person so many things that I did were ghetto because I wanted to be as low-budget as possible. When trying to come up with a cute birthday present, I stumbled upon a guitar shelf. There was a whole realm of guitar shelves that I didn't know existed:... Continue Reading →

Guitar Shelf

This was probably the most time consuming and fulfilling projects I have ever done. I know it's not origami, but I had an interest in projects involving wood so I decided to give it a try. I also took pictures of every step in the process of making the guitar shelf, so I'll do my... Continue Reading →

Rube Goldberg Machines

  Joseph Herscher inspired to me attempt to create my own Rube Goldberg machine. I want mine to be origami-based with most of the mechanisms being made of paper. I sketched out a basic plan for the machine (shown below). Basically, I want the Rube Goldberg machine to represent the four seasons in order while... Continue Reading →

The Art of Paper Quilling

  Paper quilling is the process of curling and cutting small strings of paper to create something. I discovered paper quilling from my mom's friend, who gave me a few strands of paper to start off. My first creation is shown below, which took about 4 hours. It's supposed to be a tiny flower vase... Continue Reading →

Original tree origami!!

Each creation took several days to make and represents a season! Top left (SPRING): I made this for my dad's birthday a few years ago. My mom found me the perfect branch from a tree and I had to take a shower with the branch to make sure it was clean. Then, I painted the... Continue Reading →

    Story of the branch: "I'm going out for a walk!" I told my parents. Little did they know that I was on a vital mission - to hunt for the perfect branch. As I strolled out the front door, I was appalled by the forest of dying trees lining my front yard's "garden."... Continue Reading →

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