Teaching Origami to the Elderly

After seeing my 100 year old great grandmother struggle to hold a tea cup, I wanted to teach origami to the elderly to help improve their finger dexterity and short term memory. I organized some of my most memorable visits in the slideshow and separate journals below. Journals: Week 1 Week 8 Week 2 Week 9... Continue Reading →

Origami Lamp

When I visited Japan over the summer, my uncle gave me a large origami book with a lamp set and paper. I decided to make it once I settled down in college so that I would have some nice room décor. I didn't realize how awesome the lamp would turn out to be and how... Continue Reading →

The Beginning of My Childhood Dream

Since I was 12, I dreamed of having an origami business. Every summer I would tell myself that I would get started by making an app or website but I never did until now. Six years later, I'm attempting an origami business through Etsy. I have no idea how to attract customers or how Etsy... Continue Reading →


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