Why I Love Escape Rooms

My love for escape rooms began when my friend, Michelle, told me about the concept of an escape room in high school. I had never heard about it and was fascinated with the idea. I quickly organized a group of my friends to try out a room at Escape Experts. We made it out with... Continue Reading →

Making an Escape Room at Ericsson

This summer I interned for Ericsson. Upon arriving at my Ericsson orientation, I learned that every year, Ericsson hosts TechCamp for the employee’s kids aged 11-14 years old, and one of the sessions was an escape room. I immediately joined the escape room team and worked hours with my group to design an Avengers themed... Continue Reading →

Making Rice’s First Escape Room

A few weeks ago, an amazing thing happened. After trying for so long to get the CENHS department at Rice to let me build an escape room at Solar Studios, I was finally given permission to use the space. However, I only had one week to make a room, I only had $250 to spend,... Continue Reading →


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