Making a Guitar Shelf Part 4: The Back and Final Words

Even though only the front of the guitar would be shown, I didn’t want to leave the back of the guitar all boring. Also, the jigsaw caused some paint on the back to peel off so it was ugly.

Ugly back

So, after scrolling through Google Images for some inspiration, I painted the back as a starry city. It turned out better than I expected considering I’m terrible at drawing and painting.

To make this painting, I first coated the guitar in black paint. Then, I blended dark and light blue into the bottom of the guitar. I poorly painted a city at the edge of the guitar and used the back of my paintbrush to make the white stars.


The last thing I did was really extra. Since this guitar is actually a gift, I stamped a message to the bottom to make the gift seem more meaningful. Later, the stamp smeared the entire bottom of the guitar but it initially looked great.


And that’s the guitar shelf! The painting did make the guitar a bit sticky so if I had the money I probably would’ve glossed it. I also would have bought wood glue for more secure shelves. Overall, it turned out a lot better than I thought it would! Thanks for reading!

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