Making a Guitar Shelf Part 3: Painting and Putting it All Together

Ok, the hard part is over. Before painting, make sure that the two large shelf pieces fit inside the guitar where you want them to.

  1. Painting

I painted the inside of the guitar and the three shelf pieces dark brown. I recommend adding another layer of paint after the first layer dries. But don’t add too many layers or the guitar might lose its woody texture! Make sure that the shelves fit before painting them.

2. Attaching the shelves

I didn’t really glue the shelves onto the guitar; I just let the force of the outer layer of the guitar keep the shelf in place. As long as the shelf is cut to the perfect size, then it should fit with a minimal use of adhesives.

3. Adding the bridge

This part was the most frustrating. The bridge was nailed and glued so well to the wood that it was almost impossible to get it out. I tried using the jigsaw, a sledgehammer, and screwdrivers but the bridge wouldn’t budge. A wrench works perfectly though.


After removing the bridge from the scrap wood, I screwed the bridge onto the shelf and reattached the strings.


After attaching the strings, I realized that tightening the strings a lot moved the shelf upwards. This can be fixed by either not tightening the strings too much or nailing the shelf into the guitar. I decided to not tighten the strings too much but enough to where it looks playable.

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