The Art of Paper Quilling


Paper quilling is the process of curling and cutting small strings of paper to create something. I discovered paper quilling from my mom’s friend, who gave me a few strands of paper to start off. My first creation is shown below, which took about 4 hours. img_4483

It’s supposed to be a tiny flower vase with a stand that broke off (the quarter is there for size comparison). I like the delicacy involved when curling tiny sheets of paper and gluing them together; it almost makes me want to be a surgeon.  The picture on the right is a Les Paul guitar that I made for my friend (the quote is an inside joke). In the left picture, I used a tool that helped curl the paper. By the time I made my second creation, I lost that tool so the curves were made using my fingers. I still wonder how I mustered enough creativity in me to design the guitar and the surrounding decorations. Creating the guitar was probably the hardest and most time consuming part of the creation since I made it so detailed. In total, the entire thing took about 10 hours.

I haven’t done paper quilling in a long time, probably because I lost the tools and paper (everything is so tiny that it’s easy to lose >_<). Maybe I’ll decide to do something in the near future.

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