Rube Goldberg Machines


Joseph Herscher inspired to me attempt to create my own Rube Goldberg machine. I want mine to be origami-based with most of the mechanisms being made of paper. I sketched out a basic plan for the machine (shown below).


Basically, I want the Rube Goldberg machine to represent the four seasons in order while putting a cap on a water bottle. So, I’m going to start with a water bottle with no cap and place that bottle on a holder, which will trigger a ball to roll onto my mouse and start Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Then, the ball will keep rolling and somehow trigger the spring box to open, which will trigger a pulley with an origami hot air balloon and different paths for the ball (this is hard to explain). Then, the hot air balloon will rise to the top of my shelf (second pic) and flyers will fall as the ball passes the origami, which will somehow trigger a summer box to open. By the way, these seasonal boxes will contain the origami seasonal trees I made, except smaller versions of them. Then, I plan to use a swirly thing to bring the ball back down and then trigger a mini bicycle wheel to roll and open the fall box. The lid on the fall box will then turn on a fan that will blow snow and a sled onto the side-ways winter box. The winter box lid will fall due to gravity and somehow pour cat food on a bowl, which will make my cat eat the food and move the ball to trigger another flyer to fall and a catapult to shoot, possibly shooting at stacked cups, and then shooting a cap into my hand, so I can close my water bottle.

This plan is extremely far-fetched, so I’m definitely going to simplify it. Hopefully the result is still great.


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