Original tree origami!!

Each creation took several days to make and represents a season!

Top left (SPRING): I made this for my dad’s birthday a few years ago. My mom found me the perfect branch from a tree and I had to take a shower with the branch to make sure it was clean. Then, I painted the tree dark brown. I made a bunch of sakura flowers to go with it and cut out small green triangles for the leaves. The flowers and leaves are made of tissue paper foil, which is made by gluing tissue paper to foil to create a more realistic look. The bottom left tree’s flowers are made of normal paper so they appear less realistic. Anyways, I added a small yellow glitter dot on the center of each sakura. Some sakuras were made smaller or bigger or undeveloped to create a  more realistic look. This tree’s definitely my favorite. The golden clay base was inspired by bonsai origami. Since this creation is pretty old, the clays already cracking. At the bottom of the tree I added pebbles, a fallen sakura, and a silver sphere for a nice finishing touch.

Top right (FALL): Honestly, this one’s my least favorite and took no time at all to make. I used tissue foil to create the maple leaves and I found a random branch outside to glue them onto. This creation was such a fail because I found out that clay doesn’t stick to hot glue. So, the branch always falls over. I do think the clay base is a good idea though. Just terrible on my part.

Bottom left (SUMMER): I made this for Father’s Day. The full story is on another blog post. Link: https://myraorigami.com/2016/06/29/my-last-minute-fathers-day-gift

Bottom right (WINTER): This was my first original creation. Rather than finding a branch outside, I created the branch, which took FOREVER. I cut a bunch of wires and taped them together to the shape of the tree. Then, I used some ghetto method of paper mache by mixing glue, flour, and salt to make a random solution that is apparently paper mache glue. I started out by gluing newspapers to the branch to thicken all surfaces. This part took days and I just sat at my kitchen counter gluing parts to the branch. Finally, once the branches were thick enough, I added a  layer of brown cloth; I actually used the cloth as mud in a Charlotte’s Web play that I was in. After a day, the branch was somewhat dry and I used tissue foil to create the roses and normal origami paper to create the leaves. Then, I made a clay base. I should stop using clay because I really suck at it. This creation’s base is breaking apart too. I filled the “pot” with pebbles for a finishing touch. (yay)

I really like the four seasons idea so maybe I’ll incorporate it into future projects.




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