Tfw you met so many people at an internship that you have to make each person a rose


Story of me fainting at my internship (also happens to be a college essay):

“Psst, Myra. Wanna see a muscle biopsy?” nudged my boss.

“Heck yea, I do!” I replied enthusiastically. As I followed her out of the lab, I quickly typed on my phone “what is a muscle biopsy.” What appeared before me was a slew of medical jargon that flew over my head. Thanks Google. I guess I’ll have to find out myself.

Watching all twelve seasons of Grey’s Anatomy did not prepare me for the horror I would soon witness.

Standing in a small room which resembled a doctor’s office, I stared in revulsion at the grotesque scene, ignoring my gradual loss of sight. “It’ll be over soon,” I thought.

“I’m going to repeat this three more times,” the surgeon evilly cackled. Actually, that’s totally fine, because I’m already completely blind!

One minute later, the pride I was desperately clinging to fluttered away, and I muttered, “I’m leaving.” I took one triumphant step forward and fell to the ground. I had lost the battle of dignity. After the surgery ended, the surgeon’s patient sat with and recovered alongside me as we shared a laugh.

I learned many things that day, one of them being that the medical field is not for me. There are other ways to save lives; medical-wise, I’ll stick with my television drama. More importantly, I put aside my frivolous thoughts of pride and I now allow myself to ask for help.

My absolute favorite part of the internship was making a medical device. Using very precise measurements, I got to cut out a box that lets air in and out using 10 lines of code (I know it’s really simple).

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