Origami, my Passion

Origami, the art of paper-folding, is my innate ability. With origami being a part of my Japanese culture, I encountered it at the age of 4.  My mother introduced me to the art of folding paper and I have made numerous origami artworks since. I started out small, but with practice, the building blocks to my skill grew stronger. Origami is my passion because I can start with a blank sheet of paper and create anything I please; my creativity is the only limit.

My origami creations are displayed all over my house and have received various compliments from guests; I even sold a few online. Although I often encounter difficulties, my passion for origami still proceeds.  I believe that origami is my gift because even in the most depressing situations, origami assuages my stress.


I do plan to have origami in my future.  Origami is similar to graphic designing and coding in that you can create something out of nothing.  My goal is to combine origami and a future career into one profession so I can enjoy my occupation.  Moreover, I hope to inspire others with origami. With an innumerable number of designs and creations, my love for origami will never cease to exist. Origami is my eternal passion and my love for it will never die.  I hope to continue origami and improve my skill in the many years to come.


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