A Thousand Origami Cranes

When I was younger, my mother informed me of a Japanese legend called Senbazuru, or Thousand Origami Cranes. The story explains how anyone who folds a thousand paper cranes will be granted a wish, such as being healed from an illness.

Following the deadly earthquake in 2011, I felt hopeless just watching people die and suffer in Japan.  My mother told me about Oshkosh Cranes for Kids Program in which Oshkosh donated an article of clothing to the children in Japan for every paper crane we made.  With help of my teacher and friends, I organized a campaign in my school and taught the 6th graders how to fold an origami crane.  It was a huge success as we donated more than 200 cranes to Oshkosh.  Even though it was just a small step to help Japan, other students not only enjoyed making origami cranes but also felt good about helping Japanese children in need.  It also helped broaden the general awareness of Japanese culture.  At the end of the program, Oshkosh collected 2 million origami cranes and donated $1.5 million dollars worth of clothing.  I learned that individual small contribution can make a tremendous impact in people’s lives.

Recently, my English teacher has been fighting depression, so I gave her several cranes and it seemed to cheer her up! 🙂


(The banner on the top says “Don’t worry, be happy.”)

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